About Us

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

-Carl Sagan

Biosens is an R&D company focusing on discovery of new and exciting active ingredients that benefit human performance and longevity. These new ingredients are used in dietary supplements, skin care and pharmaceutical products. We are selecting and developing novel compounds using state-of-the art computational drug discovery, proprietary cell assays and clinical studies. Collaboration with research institutes and universities across the world ensures making our new discoveries in this field possible.

Our Mission

We are resolved in efforts to safeguard good health, mental abilities and strength of the aging population. Aging and disease do not have to go hand-in-hand. Our team is exploring new ways to stop or slow down cognitive decline, loss of mobility, and cell senescence. To resist these hallmarks of the aging process, we are adopting the finest methods science can offer today.

Our Vision

Leading a healthier life shouldn’t mean losing your livelihood. Scientific breakthrough isn’t as powerful if we can’t all reap the benefits. At Biosens, our vision is to bring better health to everyone, not just the wealthy few. In achieving this vision, we embark towards challenging discovery strategies to help all future customers feel a meaningful difference.

Unbeatable Quality

quality 2

Consumers spend over one hundred billion EUR every year on vitamins, dietary supplements, and minerals. In return, they not only get mediocre results, but sometimes suffer side effects far worse than their original symptoms. That’s why we seek to not only discover new products, but re-invent this industry and what it stands for. We will raise product quality while raising the standard for consumers satisfaction.

Authenticity and Assurance


Our products deliver real performance because we care about customer health and satisfaction. With thorough research and analysis of our active ingredients we insure their potency and purity. They are blended with pharmaceutical grade excipients, encapsulated, or mixed with liquids on site with an authenticated certificate to ensure continuation of purity, potency, and product quality. We desire to bring better health to the aging population and help people find smart solutions for their health needs.


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