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drug formulation

We increase the shift of experimental concepts from the lab to the production where they can be grown into valuable brands and technologies. The results of our ideas are novel and competitive longevity / performance enhancing compounds and their application methods.



Muscle and Bone Support

Positive muscle mass is fundamental for preserving mobility, strength and admittedly, youthful appearance.  Moreover, active muscles release myokines mediating direct anti-inflammatory effects, increased fat oxidation, improved glucose uptake, enhanced mood (BDNF) and immune system regulation (Irisin, SPARC). Based on this facts, we can conclude that positive muscle mass is associated with improved metabolism, preservation of mental abilities and reduced cancer incidence. Such beneficial effects are confirmed by multiple scientific studies.

During early research phase, we have determined two lead compounds, a small natural molecules that can prevent muscle atrophy signal variably regulated by GDF8/ACTRIIB/SMAD3 and PTP1B/Akt/mTORc pathways. These novel compounds or their derivatives with improved characteristics will become active principles of M-COR. M-COR formula may provide a complete solution for improved muscle and bone growth as well as cartilage repair leading to the increased fitness and longevity of both chronic patients and aging population.

Product Development Stage

Simplified Visualization Pathway Depicting M-COR Activity

M-COR pathway

Transform Your Muscle Strength



Mental Support

Cognitive decline is a hallmark of aging process. One of the strongest factors of mental deterioration in aged population is depression preceding mental deterioration. According to the World Health Organization, major depressive disorder bears the heaviest burden of impairment among mental disorders. Antidepressants take weeks to realize their full potential, with adverse effects such as anxiety, nausea, increased appetite and insomnia. The response rate to the antidepressant drugs is variable and erratic. Great number of patients exhibit poor results, at best, and many of them give up the course of therapy.

Our new application system (still in the early stage of development) aims to bring all the benefits of deep sleep, mood enhancement and mental alertness reaching maximum activity within minutes and lasting for hours. The formula acts via complex and combined 5-HT, D-3, D-4 and BDNF receptors activity modulation. L-GEN will grow into unique mental performance / mood  enhancing product with minimal adverse effects and maximal favor to individual’s mental health.

Early Development Stage

Simplified Visualization Pathway Depicting L-GEN Activity​

L-GEN pathway

Unleash The True Power Of Your Mind



Cell Rejuvenation

Cell senescence, a distinctive feature of aging is a frequent consequence of cumulative DNA damage, epigenetic alterations and changes in the cell architecture. Senescent cells exhibit characteristic Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype (SASP) causing damage and inflammation of neighboring tissues.

Additionally, with age, stem cells accumulate huge amounts of DNA damage, when compared to somatic cells. This is expected trait, however, due to their longevity and replication ability. They can propagate these heritable mutations to progeny,  leading to more pronounced senescence, inability to repair tissues and cancer – a major feature of aging process.

R-GEN project consists of development of small molecule that will prevent senescent stem cells formation while providing controlled apoptosis of senescent somatic cells. It includes a consolidation of activities that interfere cell damage factors and defective apoptotic signal. In the future, R-GEN may enable efficient tissue regeneration thus increasing longevity and reducing age related complications.

Pre launch phase

Simplified Visualization Pathway Showing R-GEN targets

Regenerate Your Cells